Applied Behavioral Services(Dayton)

Brief Resource Summary

ABS Dayton is proud to offer low ratio classrooms for half day or full day placements. Curriculums are highly individualized for each student by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and staff is highly trained in Applied Behavioral Analysis. Behavior support plans coupled with parent training sessions help extend services into the home. Natural environment teaching, 1:1, and small group instruction make up a student’s day and are complimented with Music Therapy, Behavioral Counseling Services, and 1:1 communication sessions.

Eligibility Requirements
ABS accepts most major insurance for speech therapy, occupational therapy, music therapy, and Applied Behavior Analysis therapy when covered by your insurance policy. In addition, ABS is a medicaid provider.
Services Offered
Educational Placement Toilet Training,Behavior Modification Plans Verbal Behavior Therapy Occupational Therapy Counseling Sensory Integration Behavioral Counseling Speech Therapy Music Therapy Art Classes So
Contact Name
Kylea Frei
Dayton: 2570 Technical Dr.
Phone Number
937-847-8750 | Kylea Frei