Montgomery County Juvenile Life Court

Brief Resource Summary

Led by Judge Capizzi, this programs offers rehabilitation of justice and mental health support to Montgomery County's youth. This voluntary program supports and encourages the family to be involved in this collaborative process between the treatment providers, law enforcement agencies, and the court. Throughout the program, the youth are treated for their mental health, make regular appearances in front of the judge, drug tested, and supervised. A benefit from this program is the potential expungement or to have one's case sealed as early as the law allows. Improved health and overall wellness is the goal of this resource. 

Eligibility Requirements
Candidates MUST have: deliquency charge, DSM-V eligible diagnosis, adn restored to competency
Services Offered
Mental Health Services, Medication, Management Services, and Court Appearances
Contact Name
Gretchen Althaus
3501 Merrimac Avenue
Phone Number
(937) 225 4206