The Mustard Seed Foundation, Inc.

Brief Resource Summary

The Mustard Seed Foundation addresses the physical, social, and educational needs of pregnant and parenting adolescent mothers and their children. By providing a safe, secure and supportive environment, clients are able to break through barriers and reduce the percentage of child abuse and neglect cases and multiple unplanned pregnancies. Additionally, the program will assist clients with completing educational goals which will enable them to become self-sufficient.

We serve pregnant and parenting adolescent mothers in the foster care system, ages 13-21 and their children. Our clients come from across the State of Ohio and are in need of a safe place to live.

Core Services:

  • 24-hour supervised housing

  • Educational advancement

  • Comprehensive case management

  • Parenting/child development

  • Independent life skills instruction

  • Mental health and access to counseling

  • Access to healthcare

  • Access to licensed daycare

  • Access to transportation

Enhanced Services

  • Waiting list outreach and support

  • Employment and career development

  • Volunteerism and summer internships

  • Interpersonal skills building

  • Health and reproductive education

  • Mentorship and motivation

  • Referral to community resources

  • Access to recreational and cultural activities

  • Follow-up services after discharge

Eligibility Requirements
pregnant teen or teen mother in foster care
Services Offered
housing, counseling, parenting skills training. See above for more details.
1429 Bryn Mawr Dr., Dayton, OH 45406
Phone Number