St. Paul United Methodist Church Food Pantry

Brief Resource Summary

In conjunction with the Greater Dayton Food Pantry, our church volunteers and the many local businesses that generously donate a wide variety of food products, we strive to address food insecurity in our neighborhood by operating a food pantry. We try to keep it stocked with appropriate items that can sustain life for impoverished individuals and families. We operate a “choice” pantry, which can best be described as a very small grocery store in the church basement. Each client is escorted through one at a time and offered a choice of items depending on availability. We also have a hospitality room run by volunteers for clients to take a coffee or refreshment while waiting to be served. 

We provide meals on several days of the week. This is done using our own kitchen, with the help of volunteers, but we also have the good fortune to have a number of sister churches in the greater Dayton area who provide meals. 

Eligibility Requirements
must reside in certain part of 45403, need proof of residence and a picture ID for all that reside at that address. Contact them to determine eligibility.
Services Offered
meals and food Hours of operation: Mon, Wed, and Thurs from 10am-2:45pm
101 Huffman Ave., Dayton, OH 45403
Phone Number